LLC Lexema has been developing and integrating applications for business processes automation for over 25 years.

Our company is developing the products using the technologies of artificial intelligence and robotization of business processes. The projects are supported by the Russian national project "Digital Economy" in the "Artificial Intelligence" category and by the proposed plan for the development of digital technologies in the Russian Federation.

We have developed the Lexema-RPA™ platform - a solution for creating software robots. Software robots emulate human actions by evaluating them on a computer. The platform has been supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation as well by the Federal Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises.

We have alsodeveloped the Lexema-ERP™ platform, which allows to build business solutions with a small budget and tight deadlines. Lexema-ERP™ is a complex business automation that combines the advantages of circulation programs and custom developments. The platform allows developing unique solutions of any architecture (Windows, Web, iOS, Android).

Novadays we are working on a system that takes Lexema-ERP™ as a basis and extend its functionality using the Lexema-RPA™ possibilities thus creating Robotized ERP solution. The functional composition of the system is determined by the structure and business processes of the enterprise. Thanks to a large set of industry prototypes and the rapid development of new modules, the combination of Lexema-ERP™ and Lexema-RPA™ allows to create a comprehensive system that meets modern business management trends. Both Lexema-ERP™ and Lexema-RPA™ integrates well with other applications and systems, so they can be used as an integration platform that integrates other information systems.